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Aromatech is a family-owned company created in 1987 in Grasse, France, the world capital of flavours and fragrances. The man behind this creation is Jacques MARTEL, the company's current CEO.

The company's international expansion has taken it to Africa and the Middle East and, in Asia, to Thailand and China, and to the United States. The world of Aromatech was built on this entrepreneurial approach coupled with clever combinations of all these flavours from other parts of the world. A

Aromatech is one of the very few European suppliers from natural organic flavors


Aromatech Group designs, produces and sells food flavours for all sectors of the food industry: alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, dairy products, fruit preparations, diet/health products, biscuits, pastries, confectionery and animal feeds. ready meals, soups, meat, delicatessen, seafood, sauces, marinades, oils and vinegars, snacks and cheese products.

Flavours available in the following forms

  • Liquids: oil- and water-soluble
  • Powders: by simple blend, encapsulation by spray-drying and granulation
  • Paste


Legislative possibilities:

  • Flavours
  • Natural flavours
  • Certified organic flavours
  • WONF flavours
  • FTNF flavours

Research & Development

Aromatech Group has always accorded an essential place to research and innovation, dedicating to it 10% of its turnover every year. The Group's R&D centers are distributed across our sites. They work in partnership with sales and marketing teams to offer new products tailored to global consumer trends, developments in food choices and regulatory constraints.

Research teams comprising chemists, flavourists, engineers and qualified technicians are spread across specialist laboratories working closely together:

  • Development and Creation laboratory
  • Applications, Evaluation and Samples (A2E) laboratory
  • Analysis and Synthesis laboratory
  • Quality Control laboratory


Our R&D centers are supported by regulatory, technological monitoring and purchasing departments.


Aromatech has automated, flexible and modern production tools, operated by qualified and trained staff.

Our production units adhere to the strictest environmental, health and safety standards. The area used to develop key flavours bases is fitted with a ROXANE automatic weighing device connected to over 1,000 raw materials. This robot can carry out extremely precise automated measurements of weight. It is coupled with rotating storekeepers to optimize access and the logistics of raw materials.

Production units are then organized into specialist workshops according to manufacturing type:

  • Powders obtained by simple blend or impregnation: Horizontal and vertical mixers of varying capacities, tailored to the size of batches processed.
  • Encapsulation by spray-drying..
  • Emulsions: Series homogenizers
  • Liquids: Workshop of differing capacities with vats and shakers tailored to the size of batches processed. Following manufacture, all of our products are carefully checked

Nico Rodenburg serves the customers of Aromatech in the Netherlands.

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